March 29

Ep 214- All Dreams on Deck with Jeremy Cage


This week's episode is a discussion with consultant and author, Jeremy Cage.  I read the book and was inspired by the level of Jeremy's intentionality for how he lived his life.  It's easy to live a life by default vs. a life by design.  All Dreams on Deck dives into the vision and goal setting process of achieving your dreams in great detail.

We cover a wide range of information in the book including:

Dream Like You Mean It – Sailing around the world, starting a business, or winning a competition are all amazing dreams. However, dreams need to be specific. When dreams are vague, people tend to focus on obstacles, fears, and dreads. Being specific about your dreams enables you to clearly define the steps you need to make them a reality.

Climb Your Ladder of Intentionality – Having specific dreams is not enough. You need to become intentional. Commit. Write them down. Declare them out loud. Get others talking about them. This helps you climb your ladder of intentionality.

Ready Yourself, Your Crew, and Your Ship –The better you plan and prepare, the more likely it is that you will succeed. Understand what you need to know, do, and know how to do, to accomplish your business and personal dreams.

Summon Your Courage – Venturing into the unknown is not easy. Whatever your dream, you will encounter obstacles and challenges. Overcoming your fears will allow you to achieve your goals. Trust yourself and your team. Be optimistic. Listen carefully. Accept reality quickly. 

Jeremy walks the talk and you will definitely be inspired by the book to play at a new level in your own life.  Buy the book on Amazon.

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