Ep 186- Communicating the Gaps

Mind the communication gap in your business.

If you want your team to feel unsafe, stop communicating with them.  Once a lack of communication gap open up, it allows for fear, doubt, worry, gossip and starts to derail productivity in the business. If you ever have points in time where you aren’t communicating effectively, it’s probably not because you want to be a poor communicator but other things get in the way.  I call these times where communication grinds to a halt, communication gaps.

Communicating the gap is all about being intentional with how and when we communicate with employees.  You want to make sure you have time and space created for communicating and connecting.  This is particularly important during times of uncertainty or change.

This week’s New Work Revolution podcast gives you two areas to focus on to ensure that you don’t create large communication gaps in your business.  If you haven’t subscribed yet, check out the show in iTunes or Stitcher.



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