Ep 183- Use Inspiration To Build Excitement In Your Business

Building enthusiasm in your businessIf you want to breed excitement in your business, you first have to work on building it. If you aren’t excited about what’s going and what’s possible in your business, how the hell is anyone else supposed to get there.  Inspiration is a great tool to build excitement in your business.

It’s easy to get frustrated by what is going on in your business or by how people are showing up.  As a leader, you don’t get the option of showing up in a less than enthusiastic manner.  Sure we are all human and prone to disappointment but we still have an obligation to show up for our team.  If you don’t, your demeanor wears off on your team and puts them in the same place that you are.

This week’s New Work Revolution podcast is about how to use inspiration to build excitement and enthusiasm in your business. If you haven’t subscribed to get regular updates, check the show out on iTunes or Stitcher.



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