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As a result of participating in this coaching program I have improved my knowledge of how to run a business and interact with my staff successfully. In addition, I have better control over my business and I have a more productive work week.  I recommend the coaches in this program as they are very approachable and incredibly knowledgeable.  Brandon Allen will endeavor to help you and find an answer or solution for your specific situation.
Ben Martin

Chiropractor, Cork Ireland

We were initially skeptical about beginning our coaching program because of past experiences, and because this program seemed too good to be true.  However, what we experienced as a result of participating was increased revenue, happier employees, growth, an increased number of staff, better leadership and a decrease in the amount of stress we were under.  In addition, we gained more clarity regarding where we are going with our business.  We also increased time with our family as well as gained friends, mentors and peers from the other business owners in the program. We always learned something or could take away knowledge from our talks with Brandon and from the quarterly meetings.  We highly recommend this program.  If you own a business and have ever considered finding a coach or feel you need help taking your business to the next level, then this program is a must!
Kari & Jeremiah Jorgensen

Chiropractor, Cork Ireland

I am very happy with Brandon’s service.  I have found it to be very valuable and I am very pleased with investment. This is what Brandon has done for me: It is up to you – you can go slow or fast. He doesn’t tell you how to practice (not telling you to do this technique or procedure), just how to run the business He’s been very helpful in managing employee relationships He’s been vital in creating a long-term strategy I have received critical information on how to get out of the rat race (business on autopilot) This system educates me on being a good business owner instead of a good technician (delivering all the services) Brandon Allen/Business Fast Track has provided clarity and stress relief for me. Prior to joining Brandon, my business was going stratosphere, but it was also going so fast that I was worried we were going to crash burn Brandon helped me to identify objectives and strategy.  My office is on track to make a little less this year, but it’s more profitable. I have less stress and I am working one full day less per week.

Jason West

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