September 8

The Power of the Word “And” with Barry Johnson

This week Brandon sat down with Polarity Thinking Expert Barry Johnson. Barry has worked with high level government agencies and Fortune 100 companies to help them bridge the gaps that exist with change and breakdowns in execution of their strategy through “and” thinking.

No matter how big your company is, this concept of “and” thinking is a powerful tool to keep in your leadership toolbox.

Barry Johnson is the creator of the Polarity Map® and a founding partner of Polarity Partnerships. For more information about And-thinking in a variety of situations, Barry Johnson has a new book: And, Making a Difference by Leveraging Polarity, Paradox or Dilemma – Volume One: Foundations HRD Press (2020).

 Polarity Partnerships:

And: Making a Difference by Leveraging Polarity, Paradox, or Dilemma on Amazon:

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