April 14

Exit Rich Interview with Michelle Seiler Tucker

You started a business, you have gained some traction in that business and the business is a success. Now what? Most businesses don't think about the end of their business or what they plan to do with their business in the future. To help you start thinking about your own exit strategy, I brought in the author of Exit Rich, Michelle Seiler Tucker to the podcast.

In my interview with Michelle, we talk about:

  • Why you should plan your exit on day 1. If you didn't do that, it's not too late. Michelle breaks down how to do it.
  • We talk about Michelle's 6 Ps to making a business sustainable, scalable and sellable.
  • The 10 most common profit mistakes business owners make.

To pre-order your copy of Exit Rich and get the digital copy of the book as well as other goodies now at: https://exitrichbook.com/

Let us know what you think about the interview.

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