January 7

Be memorable or forget it


The keys to being a top notch networker are fairly simple and straightforward.  It comes down to putting together a game plan and then sticking to it.  Of course your already existing charm, wit and charisma will also come in handy.

I have seen and done what works and doesn’t work when networking.  I will share a couple of the keys to an easy conversation with someone you don’t know:

Mind your body language.  Make eye contact.  Keep your body language open.

Don’t approach 2 people having a conversation.  Anyone who has made this mistake knows how awkward it can be.  Stick to the person who is alone or groups of 3 or more.

The last one is if you came with a colleague, split up.  Don’t waste your time talking to the person you came with the whole time you already know them.

More information on the subject can be found here:


Use some of the techniques described at your next event and be a person that people are taking about later.

PS.  New podcast for this week below.  I had a few technical difficulties that were minor so if the sound is a little off, that’s why.  Click below and enjoy!

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