So You’re Lauching a Product? Now What? Part 2

testThis post is geared towards the information marketers although if you manufacture product you can utilize these tools as well.  Part 2 of product launching centers around ideas that you can use to test your product idea online.

Online channels save new product producers thousands of dollars every year because they are able to test their products much cheaper than ever before.  The ability to create products that can be distributed electronically is another avenue that is extremely cost effective for obvious reasons.  Testing your product and delivering it is easier then ever before.

Setting up a landing page for your product is a great first step for your marketing efforts.  You can get a landing page set up for $50.  You can have a copywriter write sales copy for your page for around $100.   I would caution on skimping on this part however.  A well written landing page can be the difference between converting well and failing.  You need to set up a shopping cart to take payments and also a merchant account. Make sure you are also using analytics to measure your campaign’s effectiveness.

Once you have started the initial campaign and have started setting up, it’s important to look at other factors.  How many separate pages should I set up?  This can be based on price, product details etc.  It’s important to test certain variation of your offer to see what people respond to best. Set different price points.  Change certain details of your products including length, cover, medium of delivery etc.  The number of offers on your page is important as well.

You can also set up your landing pages to gear towards certain psychographics as well.  If you want information on pyschographics and how they can be used in today’s marketing, read the book Waiting For Your Cat to Bark? by Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg. They talk about using personas from the Myers Briggs Type Personality test and driving sales based on what personas would likely do.  The Eisenberg’s also wrote a book called Always Be Testing that is a good book for would be marketers.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is another avenue to help with your product testing.  You can use certain keywords to see what words drive people to your page and see how well they convert (buy) when they get there.  You can set a monthly budget for this as well so it doesn’t get out of hand. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a great tool to see what key words you can use for your marketing using keywords as well.  A well planned campaign will set up the right headlines and meta tags and also find out which words are out there that you can dominate in the search engines.

Online products and product testing are the fastest ways to build a product and then see how viable it is in the marketplace without spending thousands and thousands to do it.  No more inventory in you garage.  No more giving away failed product to family members for Christmas.  The main thing is to make sure you test your product.  There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be doing it at this point.  Help is available if need be so if you are unsure how to handle certain parts of your campaign, find someone who can fill in the holes.

What online tools or system have you used to market and test your product online?  What’s been your experience doing this?

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