September 29

Easy, Affordable Online Marketing


SaleYesterday I talked about the importance of becoming an online expert with regards to marketing.  Today I want to take it a step further and talk about some of the more easy and affordable ways that you can market your business.

I just read a great Q&A on the subject of inexpensive marketing this morning.  In the interview, Sylvia Browder, Project Director, Business Coach, and Consultant with the Women's Business Center, she talks about 6 methods that business owners can use to market their business.  Among the online tools she recommended were: press release as well as various online platforms such as blogging, social media, newsletters, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising and e-mail marketing.  These are all easy and inexpensive tools that your business can use right away that are all available online.

Sylvia also mentions managing your marketing progress effectively through the putting together of a business plan.  This will ensure that your marketing efforts are more focused and specific.

The above are strategies that you can utilize.  Small Biz Bee has come up with some specific tools to help you implement some of these strategies.  These tools range from tools that I discussed yesterday, like WordPress, to tools for tracking traffic to your sites, staying up on what people are saying about you and the competition as well as tools for managing some of your social media platforms more effectively.   If you are looking for a better way to manage your client information and manage your business, there are tools for that too.  The best thing, the tools are all easy to set up and don't cost a lot of money (if any) to implement.

Small business owner's number one complaint is that they don't have time for certain online strategies or they can't afford them.  The above mentioned tools and strategies help you to overcome those issues in your business and market your business like a pro…with a small budget.

What other tools do you think are great for small business marketing?  Drop your knowledge on us.

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