May 2

What An Elite Performer Needs To Grow With Wendy Paquette

Elite performers have specific support that they often overlook. Today we unpack what elite performers can do to take their leadership to the next level. If you are wondering if you are an elite performer, if you listen to this show, then you are.

Today’s episode features Wendy Paquette. Wendy is the personal advisor and confidant to the world’s elite creators. She helps them remove the programs holding them back so they can actualize their deepest desires.

Our conversation unpacks:

Having the courage to make significant shifts in your career and life.  Limiting beliefs and recognizing them as they hide in plain sight The role enthusiasm plays in your personal success.  This is a fun episode that you will enjoy.

To learn more and experience Wendy, here’s where to go:

You can find her and book an assessment at use the code “Brandon” for a discount off the assessment or reach out on LinkedIn at

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