Ep 254- Clear Thinking, Winning Action

clear thinking for clear actionMost people go through their lives without a clear intention and purpose for the things they do and the decisions they make.  Maybe you can relate.  Maybe you make decisions based upon limiting beliefs of the past.  Maybe you make decisions based upon what your mom or dad would want you to do.  Perhaps you do the things you are currently doing because it’s what you’ve always done.  Taking time to think clearly about the things you are doing helping to ensure that you are engaging in activities that feed your purpose and your ability to create value.

It’s easy to dismiss thinking and the process of discovering your purpose.  In the moment, it probably doesn’t feel valuable to you. The more you step back and assess the things you are doing, the more you will move forward with efficiency and effectiveness because you are working on, and in, purpose.

Clear thinking makes you a better communicator and a better director and participant in action.  For this week, ask yourself “what am I doing?” and “why am I doing these things?”

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