June 21

Ep 221- The Science of Being In Demand Interview with Tom Poland


Leadsology by Tom PolandThe Science Behind Getting Leads

If you are a coach, consultant or any other program provider, you know one of the most challenging things to getting your business off the ground is in generating qualified leads, consistently to your business.  I know coaches who have been coaching for years who are still struggling because they don't know how to generate leads.

I was introduced to Tom Poland, author of Leadsology, a few months ago.  I have since read his book and had several conversations with him about his philosophy to generating leads in an authentic way.  In this short, powerful interview, Tom shares his tips on:

  • What most program providers get wrong when they try and generate leads
  • How to generate consistent in bound leads (no more shitty networking events)
  • Why most lead efforts don't work (hint: business owners typically don't have the right process in place to ensure success)

Check out our interview by clicking the player above and subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.  Tom shares some free tools that you can use to assist in your lead building process so make sure you listen to the interview.  For more info about Tom and his book, go to http://www.leadsology.guru/



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