Who’s The Boss?

Are you delegating enough of the responsibility in your business? One of the many benefits of being a business owner is that you get to be your own boss.  That’s pretty cool.  That is unless your makes you work long hours, makes you take on too much responsibility and then has the audacity to not pay you appropriately for the work that you have done.  Oh and did I need to remind you that we are talking about you?

Before we get into you as the boss, allow me take you back to a time where interest rate were high, Americans were scared of Russians and it was completely appropriate to wear neon socks with any outfit.  This magical time was called the 80s.

One of my favorite shows as kid was Who’s The Boss.  I mean Alyssa Milano was cute, the show was kind of funny and did I mention Alyssa Milano?  Who’s The Boss was about a guy who retired from professional baseball and became a housekeeper for a divorced ad executive who happened to be female.  It’s not as big of a deal today, but back then having a man work for a woman in that capacity was a boundary stretcher for sure.  Thus the title Who’s The Boss.

The creators of the show left the question, of who’s the boss, ambiguous on purpose.  Creators in business tend to leave this question ambiguous by default.

Now back to your asshole boss.  You know, the one that made you work long hours, gave you too much to do and didn’t pay you enough for your efforts?  He’s a bad boss because he/she is a  poor delegator and ends up taking everything on themselves.

The best way to overcome this is to utilize your team or to get a team.   Are you worried that your team can’t handle the responsibility?  There’s only one way to find out.

When a business goes through our alignment exercise, we identify the people on your team that can champion specific objectives so that you aren’t the champion of everything.  You can then identify who the boss is.

When you look at the important aspects of your business from management to marketing, who’s in charge?  Who’s owning the results that you are getting in certain areas?  How can you use your team more to get them more engaged in owning the work?  How can you free up time to do what you do best?

In your business the buck ultimately stops with you.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t delegate certain outcomes to your team to help you drive a higher level of result in your business.  Create more intention in your business by knowing with certainty that every aspect of your business has a “boss” running it.

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