March 22

Where is your leadership standard?

At New Work Revolution, we focus on you, the leader.  When you grow and improve and understand yourself better, you have the opportunity to improve the people around you. 

I know this makes perfect sense to you.  It’s easy to assume that this makes perfect sense to all leaders. 

Andreas Flaten quit his job with Walker Luxury Autoworks and didn’t get his final paycheck for four months!

The owner was annoyed with his persistence in getting paid so he decided to finally pay the man his final paycheck of $915 by dumping it on his driveway in pennies.  You can read more about the story here.

Maybe Andreas was a bad employee.  Maybe the way he quit was unprofessional.  I have no idea.

When you are a leader, you are looked at with a higher standard and this sort of behavior is beneath a high level leader.

You may never do, at least I hope you don’t, something as extreme as this to one of your employees. There are, however, subtle ways that you can neglect your team members by not training them, getting mad when they have a personal life outside of your business, etc.

You and I aren’t perfect leaders and we never will be.  What you can do is create a standard that you want to hold yourself to that honors the position of leadership as well as the people you lead.

TXD Action for This week: What is your leadership standard?

Links that I am Following and Found Helpful this Week:

  • If you don’t already know, I love basketball in all forms.  Shaquille O’Neal recently suggested that women lower the rim so they can dunk more in games.  Legendary baller Cynthia Cooper had an amusing suggestion for Shaq.  Check it the short clip here.
  • Keeping with the spirit of business habits this month, here are some thoughts from philosopher and smart guy, Bertrand Russell on happiness.

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