March 15

Where are you avoiding accountability?

Part of being a leader is taking responsibility for the things that happen under your watch.

The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo has been accused of sexual harassment as well as other misgivings.  His response, “I am the victim of cancel culture.” Yes sexual harassment is a way that you get fired at jobs Andrew.

Matt Rowan is a basketball announcer in Oklahoma who called a team the N- word because he didn’t like that they were kneeling.  He thought his mic was turned off.  It wasn’t.  His response? First it was, it wasn’t me then when he realized that wouldn’t work.  He blamed it on his diabetes.  Yes Matt, diabetes and racism have gone hand in hand for yours.

Leaders. Don’t be Andrew and don’t be Matt. 

We all make mistakes and bad choices.  We all screw up.  Some mistakes become more public than others.  If you want to invite people to take accountability for things that happen then you need to be willing to go first.  By doing this, you create an authentic culture where problems that are created by the choices we make can be addressed in healthy way.

TXD Action for This week: Where are you avoiding accountability?

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