When You Do The Opposite Of Fighting For Your Team: The Black Friday Edition

How do we truly value our teams? Editors Note:  I had originally had this scheduled to post last Friday but wanted to simmer down to see if I still felt as strongly about it, outside the moment.  I do. 

Tis’ the season for people waiting in line to fight, literally, over stuff that isn’t really that important.  Welcome to Black Friday which for those not in the know is the shopping day after Thanksgiving.  But Black Friday has been upgraded.  It’s new and improved.  It now starts on Thanksgiving.

I am going to apologize for going into one of those “I’m getting old now rants” but I am amazed at how far we are going in the name of consumerism.

There are few times during the year where we can truly unplug and spend time together as a family.  Thanksgiving is one of those times.  People travel, spend time cooking food for their families, watch football, help families in need, etc.

Let me start by saying that my wife is a nurse so I understand that there are some jobs that have to be available to serve the public and there are times when people have to work on a holiday.  I get that.  Retail, however,  is not one of those industries.  If I don’t get to fight with someone at Walmart on Thanksgiving, life will go on.

This brings to mind my recent podcast on fighting for your team.  Fighting for your team is about creating the type of work environment where people can thrive.  It also includes showing your people that you truly care.

The problem that I have with making people work retail on a family holiday is that the decision is made by a group of assholes who have no intention of working on their holiday.  They think it’s OK to have their subordinates do it however.  I suppose they think they have earned that right.  I say that you have never earned the right to be inhumane.

Great businesses aren’t great because they have money.  They are great because they create value.  They create value for their teams and they make products/services that better humanity. They do this by valuing people over processes and procedures and profit.

In society people are assets.  Money is merely a means for exchange.  Money has no ability to create value on its’ own.  I am not against people shopping on Black Friday but I am against businesses that don’t know when enough is enough.

What do you think?

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