Unlike My Women…I Do Like My Projects Fast and Easy

Use great people to get your projects done quickly.  Fast and easy projects?  Oh you like those too?  Not all projects are going to be as fast and easy as we would like.  One asset that I have utilized to help our business get projects completed on time is people.  More specifically, people that we know and trust.

When it comes to people you know and trust, you don’t even have to specifically know them.  If I have a partner that I know and trust that recommends someone to me, then that is good enough.

I mentioned recently what happened to my consulting firm, The Business Blueprint, when we weren’t ready for the growth we had experienced.  We broke one of my 7 components for hiring contractors.  We hired people we didn’t know.

Hiring people you don’t know can work.  The question is, are you willing to risk your client’s success and your reputation on a coin flip?

When you hire someone you know or that someone recommends strongly, the results are always much better.  Ultimately, you get projects done faster and easier.  Some people try and cut corners by hiring someone on the cheap at elance or craig’s list.  We have used these services to varying degrees of success as well.  However, if the project is important enough, we will not risk using an unknown person.  At least that’s the hard lesson that we have learned.  No amount of cost savings is worth it.

As you work on various projects in your business, keep your eye out for people that you notice that do a great job.  If you are looking for people to help you on a project, ask trusted associates if they know anyone.  Another place to look around for great contractors is in your social media circles.

Fast and easy.  That’s how I like my projects.  Hiring only people you absolutely know and trust is a great way to ensure that your projects remain as headache-free as possible.

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