There’s Gold In Them Thar Employees- Podcast

Are there hidden resources that exist in your business? You know what I never hear from business owners?  I never hear business owners say that they have too many resources.  Let’s be clear, I never want to hear that either.  The  more resources that you can have in your business, in the form of relationships, ideas and money, the better.  Even though we know that resources aren’t always as abundant as we would like, I am always surprised at how little effort we put tapping into the relationship capital that exists within our teams in business.

This week’s podcast discusses some specific tools that allowed me to not only tap into the “gold” that I didn’t know was there with my employees in the past but also allowed me to connect with my team at a deeper level.

Is there greatness hidden in your team?  Do you want to find out?

Click below to listen to the podcast.  

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