Is Your Management Style An Episode Of Spy Vs Spy?

Is your relationship with your team about working together or working against each other? Do you remember Spy Vs Spy from Mad Magazine?  I use to love that comic strip as a kid.  They even made a video game on Nintendo that I used to play frequently as well.  If you aren’t familiar with Spy Vs Spy, it’s about 2 spys who are constantly trying to outwit and outdo each other.  The comic strip is funny.  In management, too many leaders adopt this mentality with their employees.

A good leadership relationship make the proper distinction in their relationship with your team.  That distinction is all about whether or not your team works with you or for you.

In addition to talking about that paradigm in management, this week’s podcast dives into this “for vs with” mentality and how it relates to the “Producer Paradigm” and the “Consumer Condition.”  Also, how does getting this paradigm right allow you to confront your team in a more healthy manner.

Listen to this week’s podcast below or subscribe in Itunes.  As always, I welcome your thoughts on this as well.  Enjoy.


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