Insert Coaching into Your Business System

studySystems in business are so important.  It’s important from a product delivery standpoint, sales, production etc.  When you are putting a system together that includes a business plan, strategic objectives, goals and team, make sure that you make some room for a personal coach in that planning process.

Having a coach can help you not only uncover the blind spots that you have but they can also uncover the blind spots in your overall plan.  The 30,000 ft. viewpoint that a coach brings is critical to seeing how you operate and how your strengths will operate in a given plan.  They are able to be objective as they are not emotionally invested in what you are doing.  It’s easy for entrepreneurs to get attached to something working and then drive themselves broke and insane trying to make something work that simply wont.

This is why bringing in a coach can be valuable from the start.  The more help you have in the beginning of your venture, the more likely it will be to succeed.  In your planning phase, you can decide a budget for coaching and how long you want to initially work with them.  During this phase you will also be able to see what areas that you need help with.

Understanding yourself is critical so that you not only understand what information you need, but also how you process that information.  How do you best thrive?  Do you need to be kicked in the butt or gently pushed?  How involved does the relationships need to be?  How do you prefer to communicate?  The relationship between you and the coach is just as important as the information and help that you receive from them.

Selecting a coach will be predicated upon what you decide your needs are.  Do you need life/work balance? Do you need specific strategic business advice?  Answers to these questions will help you decide what type of coach to work with.

Take a look at your system, goals and plan.  Where could you use help?  What would a coach allow you to do that you aren’t doing?  What would the results be if you had help?

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