If You Want Your Employees To Do Things The First Time You Ask Them, Try This

Leadership is about influence.  Being a dictator is about control.  When I ask a group of business owner if they want to be a true leader or a dictator, they always choose the true leader.  What these business owners don’t know is that there leadership style is closer to the dictatorship side. This happen because of the way these leaders make requests of their team.

There’s delegation and then there’s relegation.

There’s respect and then there’s ego.

There’s do this because I pay you to do what I say and there’s can I get you to help me with something.

As a leader, our communication style if how we create influence so that when we ask people to do things, they actually do it.

This week’s New Work Revolution podcast talks about the five steps that you must go through to ensure that you make a request in an influential way that gets done the first time.

PS… I cover this topic in depth in the Management Playbook that is available on Amazon.  If you want to know more about how to connect with and influence people as a leader, check it out here.


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