Ep 261- Creating a Growth Environment for Your Team

My favorite thing about working with so many business owners is that they are fun to be around. You are inspiring. You have a drive to make a difference.  You like to grow and learn new things. This desire for growth can be a good thing for your team and it can be a source of frustration for the people on your team who aren’t ready for the level of growth that you are at.

Creating a growth environment for your team starts with a basic understanding of who your team is and where they are currently at. Some of your team members are growth oriented and some of them are more concerned with safety and security.  Your job as a leader is to work between these to types of people to provide what they need to help bring them along. This is a big job for sure.

This week’s podcast is about how to create a safe environment in your business that sets the table for growth to happen. Listen to this week’s show by clicking the player above or subscribing in Apple Podcasts.

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