Do Something Worthy Of Being Noticed

What are you going to do that people talk about? “ I can’t get anyone to pay attention to my business.”

“My business isn’t growing.”

Have you ever complained about the above scenarios in your business?  I know I have.  There’s a funny thing about the above statements.  The funny thing is the above statements are about ourselves.

What’s funny about that?

We don’t create a business for ourselves.

This is where I also have an issue with personal branding.  While I do think that you need to build notoriety in your particular field, what gets lost in the process is that you are in business to help other people.

Thus the title of this post.  Do something worthy of being noticed.  Doing does not consist of being interviewed on a big TV show or radio program.  It doesn’t consist of you getting your picture taken with Donald Trump.  It’s not about how many followers that you have on Twitter or fans on Facebook.


The great ones can execute or as Seth Godin put it they “ship”.  They create value.  They look at what they can do to improve the world.  Constantly.

I talked about branding a while ago and how true branding happens from the inside out.  People focus a lot on their brand, whether it be personal or business.  They seem to forget that their brands are tied to actions.  I believe the saying is that you can polish a turd but in the end, it’s still a turd.

** Editors Note- The Mythbusters from the Discovery Channel actually did confirm that you could indeed polish a turd.

In essence you can look the part but still not deliver what people are expecting.

If you have complained about your business not growing or struggling, then it’s time to ask yourself what you can do for others to create the value that will get you noticed.  Your business is not about you.  How are you going to do something worthy of being noticed?


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