May 18

Who is YOUR CEO Kindred Spirit?


Alright… Time for a bit of fun.

Its… Quiz time! This is really, really important folks.  Take our new, short (3-5 question) quiz and find out who your CEO Kindred Spirit is! This is deeply scientific stuff here folks… whoever you get will have an eternal spiritual connection with you that you can never break, no… matter… what.  So cross your fingers its someone you like!!

Take the Quiz

And just so you know, there actually is some backing behind this little thing… based on the Briggs/ Jung assessment concepts… (granted, this one is only a couple questions long so we make no promises to its full accuracy ;)…

After you get your result, we will share a little tidbit regarding your leadership style but either way Enjoy!!

oh… and don't forget to share your results!

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About the Author

Strategy Consultant & Productivity junkie - Focus: Systems & Processes, Product/Service Design. Founder of Its ironic how much time I waste learning about productivity ;P


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