A Powerful Key To Building A High Performance Team

Creating the right culture and inspiring people is the future of a great businessHow do you relate to people in this world? Are you someone who lifts people up or do you look for reasons why people are the problem? A good friend of mine just shared this insightful video from Simon Sinek regarding relationships and loving what you do. I thought I would share this powerful video and my thoughts on the subject.

No one will ever accuse me of being a fluffy person. In my coaching, I typically err on the side of telling someone how it is in a direct manner. However, there is one topic that sounds warm and fuzzy to people that I will always promote until I’m out of breath. It’s the importance of people in your business.

How you treat the people that work with you and support you is so important. There are far too many business owners and managers who just don’t get this. They treat their team like adversaries instead of assets. They don’t treat their team with respect and then have the audacity to tell their team that how they treat their customer’s is paramount.

The ability to love what you do has a lot to do with the people around you. In the world of business, culture matters a lot. If you have ever worked in an environment that is negative, you know what I’m talking about.

When it comes to the core focus in my business of creating the right experience for your clients/customers, we know that it starts with the internal culture first. In fact, it’s point number four of our manifesto on the topic.

Creating the right culture starts with having leadership that truly cares about the people that work for them and with them. Great leadership inspires confidence in those around them that they can achieve at a higher level. Bad leadership looks at people’s faults and focuses on that vs. what’s possible for that person.

If you want to create a business that stands out from the rest, then start with the people that support you and your business and look to create value for them without needing anything in return.

Check out the talk below. It’s worth the 20 minutes. Then ask yourself who you can create value for today.

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