5 Tips For Getting The Right People On Your Team

Getting the right people on your team takes intention.When things are going well for your business and you have a team that you enjoy working with, the last thing you want to think about is replacing them.  In fact, the thought may just overwhelm you.  Intellectually you know that anyone is replaceable.  However, your emotions tell you otherwise.  With the right intention any business owner can create the conditions for getting the right people on their team when the times come to hire.

My 5 tips come from my own experience from hiring as well as addressing these challenges with clients that I work with.  These tips are simple to understand and, with a  little discipline and practice, they are easy to implement.

Tip #1 Know What You Want:  Knowing what you want solves a ton of problems in your business.  When a hiring need comes up, you need to take a step back to analyze what skills and attributes that you want that person to have.  Should the hire be personable? Multi-tasking?  Sales Oriented?  What do you want?  Get really clear on this before you start hiring.

Tip #2 Know Your ValuesValues based decision making is effective in all areas of your business.  When you hire someone who doesn’t share the values of you or your team.  Friction is often the end result.  Your internal culture is precious.  Get clear on your values and ask questions of your potential hires to allow them to demonstrate when they have utilized those values.

Tip #3 Get Out and Network:   Here’s the rub, great potential team members already have a job.  Places like Monster, Craig’s List and your local news organizations could provide you with an A teamer but it takes a lot more work to find them.  Networking is a great way to meet new people and to build a database for future hires.  Using your current connections is also an important tool for building connections to future employees.  Also don’t be afraid to also reach out to customers that you have a good relationship with to see if they have anyone in mind.

Tip #4 Create Power In Your Description:  There are far too many job descriptions posted on various employment outlets that lack power.  The biggest violation is in using canned terminology that makes your position sound boring and doesn’t give insight into what’s needed for the position.  A well written description is like sales copy, it not only attracts who you want, it repels those people you don’t want.

Here’s a great example of a job description from a company that brings some creativity to this process, check it out here.

When it comes to descriptions, it doesn’t end with just the initial description.   How you describe the job in the interview process to the interviewee is also important.  As a business owner, your first tendency is to sell your position to the applicant just like you would sell your services to a customer.  It’s important to make sure the interviewee sells themselves to you.  It’s also important to not overstate what the position is.  I see a lot of situations where an employee becomes immediately disenchanted as they realize that what they were “sold” is not the reality of their work environment.

Tip #5 Don’t Violate Your Own Common Sense:  Sometimes potential employees make mistakes on their resume or show up late to a job interview.  Your first instinct may be that of grace and you decide to give them a second chance.  This is a mistake.  Career decisions are one of the most essential decisions that we ever make in our life.  A career feeds our need for fulfillment, it challenges us, it can make us miserable or really happy and it helps us with our financial goals.

If your employee can’t take their career seriously, why should they be expected to do the same for your business.  You know you shouldn’t hire people who make little mistakes in the hiring process so don’t.

With the right intention, you can have a thriving and growing team that supports your Soul Purpose and your business.   Having the right team is too important to leave to chance or default.

What are your tips for getting the right people on your team?

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