August 29

Ep 248- Bringing Your Passion to Life (interview)

Podcast interview with Charles Van Kessler

I have had the priviledge of knowing Charles Van Kessler for almost a year now.  He has attended some workshops that I have done in the past and always been a gracious participant and a true value creator.  Charles has a story that I felt the world needs to hear around bringing your personal passion to life.  Today we talk about and share his story.

What would you do if:

  • You narrowly eluded Nazi encampment during World War II.
  • After that, you are dropped off at an orphanage by your own mother.
  • You move from Europe to the USA and start a family and a new life there and try to make your way.
  • Take eight years to launch a liquid vitamin product
  • and then….

….By the grace of God, you have an amazing life.

Listen to this week's podcast on how Charles overcame these obstacles to create a great product and do amazing things to give back to kids in need.  Check out the podcast by clicking the player above or subscribe in iTunes.

I take the Passion 4 Life liquid vitamin every day and it's amazing.  Check out their product and story here.



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