Ep 218- The Beauty of the Process

trusting in the process for getting business resultsAre you someone who likes to start a project?  Or are you someone who likes to see a finished product in your hands?  I like to see the finished project.  Depending on how you answer the above questions will determine your excitement level for working in the process of your business.  Today’s podcast is about the beauty of working in the process.

If you like:

  • Having a level of certainty and control in your business (For the love of God, you’re an entrepreneur).
  • Creating repeatable results.
  • Growing your business.

Then maybe you are someone who gets excited about the process or at least the by product of that.

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Ep 209- Are You a Philosopher?

What is your business philosophyWhat do you want from your marriage? What’s your approach to raising children and why? What did you do yesterday in your business and why? Most people seldom take the time to ponder the things that they are doing each day and why they are doing it.  They live a life by default and not design. If you listen to this podcast, you are probably not one of those people.  But maybe you are and that’s OK.

Today’s podcast steps out into the realm of what some people would call fluffy bullshit…philosophy.  In today’s economy, you get paid to think.  The old paradigm of following orders continues to get in the way of thinking deeply about the world around us.

What’s your philosophy in life, relationships, business, leadership, etc?  I dive into that this week.  Be a philosopher.  Listen to this week’s podcast to find out why.  Check it out in iTunes and don’t forget to rate the show.  

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Ep 208- Your Best Business Decisions are Pre-decisions

Good decisions come from pre-decisionsIs planning a waste of time? What good can come from it?  I’ve always used planning and setting objectives as a tool to keep me intentional and on purpose in my business.  The most successful business owners that I work with are good at this too.  They pre-decide what and when things are going to happen. They know that if they don’t, other circumstances and people will decide for them.

This week’s podcast inspiration came from church (and you thought I was sleeping) and I want to share the concept of pre-decisions on the podcast.  I run into a lot of business owners who feel like their day-to-day lives run them instead of running the day with intention.

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Ep 207- Creating Meaning Around Your Money

Creating meaning around your moneyIf you are like most business owners, you probably have a revenue goal for this year?  Maybe you even got really crazy with it and set a budget.  Ok maybe that’s a little too ambitious.  What are your revenue goals for this year?  Increase by 10%? 20%? Double the size of your business? If you set a goal for increase, my question for you is why did you set the goal you set?  What does the money increase mean to you and your business?

It’s not uncommon to feel a little sheepish about business growth or to even want to apologize for setting a growth goal.  You may not want other people to think that you a greedy bastard that smokes hundred dollar bills in your spare time, I get it.

Dollars follow value.  The more value you create for people around you, the more it opens up the possibility for an increase in the money that flows to you.  When your business grows.  Congrats, you created more value for the world.  How often do you think about that?

Money isn’t why you do business but it sure does help you keep score on how you are doing with value creation (as well as puts food on the table and pays the bills but I digress).  Next time to you set a growth target, think about the context of what achieving this means.  It means you served your mission at a high level. Got closer to achieving your vision.  Served more of the community that you help.

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Ep 205- The Process for Daily Winning

winning with goals in the new yearTis the season for goal setting in your business.  It’s easy to set goals, get the team rallied behind them and have the best intentions for the new year.  It’s also easy to let the emergencies of the day disrupt the flow of goal work and, before you know it, you lose track of the big picture goals altogether.

There is a way to stay engaged and hit your big picture goals for the year.  This week’s podcast discusses the steps to ensuring that this year is your best year for execution of goals.

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Your Business Is A Show

Your business is a show.

If your business was a broadway play that had to be performed every day, how would that change the way you ran your business.  If you think about your business is a show.

When your customers come in they are expecting great things to happen. That means you have to be on point, your systems need to be effortless and your team needs to be prepared.

What does work on the business mean?  It means preparing for the show.  Imagine a basketball team that didn’t practice and juts showed up for games.  No plays. No communication. No strategy. You can’t imagine it because it doesn’t happen.

This type of things happens frequently with businesses.  No time for planning.  No time for training. No time for anything but “the work”.  These business owners struggle to grow and typically burn out.

Are you taking time to prepare?  This is what this week’s podcast is all about.  If you are wondering what working on the business looks like and how to take it to the next level, check out the free video course here.

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6 Areas of Planning For Business Success

planning for business
Organizational charts and graphs for business

Business owners can be visionary and forward thinking. They can also cut corners and rely too much on their own ability to get things done.  Not you, but other business owners. OK maybe you too.

You and I only have so much willpower.  Planning can make your life easier by making certain things automatic in our business.

At the start of each year, there are six area to look at and review in your business and plan out for the year.

  1. Review your Core Blueprint.
  2. Set Up a Retreat: Annual and Quarterly.
  3. Marketing Plan
  4. Training Your team
  5. Taking Time off
  6. Working on the business

This week’s New Work Revolution podcast goes over the annual game plan and how to put these things in place and why.  If you aren’t subscribed in iTunes yet, then you can do so here.

How Business Owners Rob Themselves Of Their Power

What is your entrepreneurial supoer power?

I have said it once and I will say it again.  Business owners are some of the most courageous, interesting, inspiring people I have ever met.  On the other end of the business owner spectrum, business owners are also self-destructive, inefficient people as well.  This is what makes entrepreneurship so challenging.

If you own a business, you probably created it around a specific super power that you have.  Every business owner has a super power but some are better than others at making sure they create the time and space to use them.

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Utilize These Resources To Create Leverage In Your Business

At some point in your business, you are going to be faced with the dilemma of maintaining where you are at or expanding your business.  This is probably going to require the use of additional people and/or property to create that additional leverage for your business expansion.

In this week’s New Work Revolution podcast, I talk about:

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Is There A Success Formula In Business?

Three words you should run from in business.  Done for you.  This is the holy grail of coaching offerings.  “Buy my Super Secret Success Formula that will guarantee x,y and z.” You buy it. It fails.  You buy the next one.  It also fails. Before long, you feel like the Charlie Brown of self-development hoping that this time, you will kick the ball and succeed. Business owners are still looking for that elusive “success formula”.

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