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Today we share with you Three Free Tools that New Work Revolution offers to you as a 'thank you' for listening to this podcast.

Being the beginning of 2020, these tools are perfectly timed to assist you at the best time possible. Running and growing your business can be daunting without the right guidance. Today's resources are here to assist you to avoid the pitfalls that make it difficult to succeed.

What To Do When Meetings Suck?

What do you do when your meetings suck? How do you handle that first moment of dread? Especially if YOU are the one in charge of said meeting?

Point blank, GREAT Leaders figure out how to overcome this for themselves and those around them so that, as an organization and team, you get what you want. In today's episode, Brandon breaks this down and gives you clarity with action steps on how to change this paradigm for good. 

Interview with Dr Michael Neal

Today, Brandon sits down with Dr. Michael Neal. Dr. Neal is the Founder of Build My Team, an organization that walks you through the key actions required to help you hire easier and more effectively. After years of frustration hiring qualified team members for his practice, Dr. Neal decided to start working smarter and incorporating key processes into his hiring. 

It's been a game changer for his company. 

Listen in to learn how you can use his same strategies in your company. 

Ep 263- 3 Ways Leaders Build Trust

Ways for leaders to build trust with their teams.

At New Work Revolution, we believe that the key to creating great experiences for your clients is to start with creating great experiences with your teams. Trust is a foundational element for leaders to start this process for their teams.

There are a lot of things that go into building a great culture to work in. As a leader, you may wonder what's in it for you? When you build trust, you create opportunity for team members to work in an empowered manner.

When you build trust, you have team members who work together and are supportive of each other and the leadership.

The main thing that you get as a leader when you build trust is team members who will listen and follow your lead because they have confidence in what you say and what you do.

That is true power.

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Ep 262- Hiring A Team Players Interview Rick Crossland

What would your business or team look like if all of your team were A players?  Maybe some of you already have that. (You don't have to brag about it, it's unbecoming) An A team player is a team member who is able to produce at a much greater level than other team members.  Since this is one of the main things that come up in coaching, I thought I would bring in an outside voice, Rick Crossland, who literally wrote the book on A teamers.

Some of the highlights from this week's podcast:

  • Why pushing for A teamers is so important
  • How to build a culture that drives this
  • How to interview to get the right people on your team

Among other things.

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Ep 261- Creating a Growth Environment for Your Team

My favorite thing about working with so many business owners is that they are fun to be around. You are inspiring. You have a drive to make a difference.  You like to grow and learn new things. This desire for growth can be a good thing for your team and it can be a source of frustration for the people on your team who aren't ready for the level of growth that you are at.

Creating a growth environment for your team starts with a basic understanding of who your team is and where they are currently at. Some of your team members are growth oriented and some of them are more concerned with safety and security.  Your job as a leader is to work between these to types of people to provide what they need to help bring them along. This is a big job for sure.

This week's podcast is about how to create a safe environment in your business that sets the table for growth to happen. Listen to this week's show by clicking the player above or subscribing in Apple Podcasts.

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Ep 260- Book Review: The Body Keeps the Score

Most business owners that I know are big time value creators that are driven to make a difference.  That drive that pushes them to unbelievable heights doesn't always come from a great place.  Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely endeavor.  Most people don't understand you and that starts with your own family and friends. This is why it's so important to take care of your mental health and why I am talking this week about the book The Body Keeps the Score.

After spending the last two years working through my own trauma, as well as witnessing far too many past friends take their own life, I wanted to offer you a small piece of hope that you are not alone and that there are people that care about you.

This is a new format that I am bringing to the podcast where I go back and share books that I have recently read.  Let me know what you think.

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Ep 259- What is Your Identity?


“The problem with self-identity is not just a problem for the young. It is a problem all the time. Perhaps the problem. It should haunt old age, and when it no longer does it should tell you that you are dead.” ~ Norman Maclean

Is there a more difficult thing for human beings than the process of discovering who you are?  The only thing more difficult than that is embracing who you are and being it once you figure out who you are.  Now take that same process and apply it to your business.  This process is not for the faint of heart.  Today's question is, what is your identity?

My own coaching process with my coach has forced me to do some further introspection. I had to call people and ask them about how I show up.  The process evoked some fear but what came out of that was a list of five traits that come into a room when I do.  Those traits are: Connection, Brilliance, Wit, Integrity and Stand.  I am not sure I would have guessed all of those so I found the exercise to be incredibly helpful.

Getting clearer on my personal identity has helped me to shape my businesses' identity.  The most unique thing about my business is the guy who owns it.  I would suspect that this is true about you as well.

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Ep 258- Everybody Delivers an Experience


The first principle that we discussed with Total Experience Design, TXD, is that “Everyone Delivers an Experience Whether They Know it or Not.”  When somebody lets you down, it's easy to make assumptions about people and their intentions.  What if people want to do a good job, why don't they?

Hanlon's Razor states: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity or simple oversight.”

You screw up. I screw up.  We all do.  The key is to create awareness for team members on how their behavior impacts other people.  This may seem really simple to you but society has created a buffer that separates human beings from consequences.  Because of that, leadership is required to create awareness of the big picture. Communicating the experience and how everyone plays a role in that can be a powerful experience for a team's understanding around how they all fit together.

I dive a little deeper in this week's podcast and give you three ways to lead this concept for your teams.  You can listen to the episode by clicking the player above or you can boost my street cred with Apple by subscribing in iTunes. Also, if you like the show, rate it and share it.  Thank you.  You're the best.



Ep 257- The Key Ingredient to Success

Follow the success of high achievers and you see that they are committed to the things that they are working on and trying to accomplish.

100% committed.

When it comes to success, this week's podcast addresses three things that business owners engage in that are good things but get taken too far and get in the way of success.  In addition to that, I give you a few questions to ask yourself if you feel like you are stuck and not making the progress that you would like to be making.

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