Intentional Thinking Creates Your Best Work

Most people live their lives in autopilot.

How they work. How they raise kids. How they take care of their health. 

If all you do is hope things work out, you are likely to be disappointed.

The most powerful work you do is centered around being present to who you are being.

To be present, you must create the space to allow for it.

Let's discuss this, how your intentions matter and play a role in the quality your work.

Growth Check in for 2020

At the time of releasing this episode, we are a month into the year.

The question is, “How are you doing?”

Are you achieving the growth as a leader that you wanted to achieve

Is your team achieving the goals you set?

This is a great time to assess where you are at and make the necessary course correction. 

Pay specific attention to my 3-level assessment tool I share in this episode!

Rules are Lazy Managers

When things go wrong in our business, it’s easy to take a default position of creating rules and regulations in an attempt to ensure the situation doesn’t happen again.

Unfortunately, this approach typically misses the mark and leaves a leader less free. It also kills growth.

This week, you get five things to do instead and two questions to ask yourself this week to create a better approach for you and your team.

Listen in! 

Review of Trillion Dollar Coach

In this episode Brandon dives into the impactful book Trillion Dollar Coach by Bill Campbell. 

Trillion Dollar Coach - Book by Bill Campbell

This book does an incredible job showing the importance and effect that coaching has on the success and culture of a team.

Getting teams to work together is already a difficult challenge. Here Brandon shares the insights from Bill how to make this easier, how to execute more consistently via coaching. 

Great, impact book on this impactful episode. 

The Only Person You Need to Manage is Yourself

management and accountability

Leaders spend a lot of time talking about how to get their employees to do certain things.

The short answer is you can’t.

You are a mirror; projects that are late, using phones at inappropriate times, being late for work, unkind words to another employee, etc.

You may have checked in on this for yourself and then come to the conclusion that you have the right story that excludes you from what I am talking about.

Listen in for a series a questions to assist you.

Free Tools for Your Business

free tools from New Work Revolution

Today we share with you Three Free Tools that New Work Revolution offers to you as a 'thank you' for listening to this podcast.

Being the beginning of 2020, these tools are perfectly timed to assist you at the best time possible. Running and growing your business can be daunting without the right guidance. Today's resources are here to assist you to avoid the pitfalls that make it difficult to succeed.

What To Do When Meetings Suck?

What do you do when your meetings suck? How do you handle that first moment of dread? Especially if YOU are the one in charge of said meeting?

Point blank, GREAT Leaders figure out how to overcome this for themselves and those around them so that, as an organization and team, you get what you want. In today's episode, Brandon breaks this down and gives you clarity with action steps on how to change this paradigm for good. 

Interview with Dr Michael Neal

Today, Brandon sits down with Dr. Michael Neal. Dr. Neal is the Founder of Build My Team, an organization that walks you through the key actions required to help you hire easier and more effectively. After years of frustration hiring qualified team members for his practice, Dr. Neal decided to start working smarter and incorporating key processes into his hiring. 

It's been a game changer for his company. 

Listen in to learn how you can use his same strategies in your company. 

Ep 263- 3 Ways Leaders Build Trust

Ways for leaders to build trust with their teams.

At New Work Revolution, we believe that the key to creating great experiences for your clients is to start with creating great experiences with your teams. Trust is a foundational element for leaders to start this process for their teams.

There are a lot of things that go into building a great culture to work in. As a leader, you may wonder what's in it for you? When you build trust, you create opportunity for team members to work in an empowered manner.

When you build trust, you have team members who work together and are supportive of each other and the leadership.

The main thing that you get as a leader when you build trust is team members who will listen and follow your lead because they have confidence in what you say and what you do.

That is true power.

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Ep 262- Hiring A Team Players Interview Rick Crossland

What would your business or team look like if all of your team were A players?  Maybe some of you already have that. (You don't have to brag about it, it's unbecoming) An A team player is a team member who is able to produce at a much greater level than other team members.  Since this is one of the main things that come up in coaching, I thought I would bring in an outside voice, Rick Crossland, who literally wrote the book on A teamers.

Some of the highlights from this week's podcast:

  • Why pushing for A teamers is so important
  • How to build a culture that drives this
  • How to interview to get the right people on your team

Among other things.

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