June 17

What Do Great Business Owners Do?

Great business owners do what others won't.Great leaders build authority.  Great leaders don't just work and work smart, they do things that other people aren't willing to do.   This week's podcast was inspired by a memo that I read not too long ago from Roy Williams.  It's what separates great business owners from mediocre ones.

New Work Revolution is about creating unreasonable business owners who are willing to make a commitment to their success.  This doesn't mean that this is easy but what lies on the other side is worth it.

Here are some questions to help you analyze if you are on the track to greatness in this week's podcast.  If you haven't subscribed yet do so here.

Also, if you are looking to create the foundation for an unreasonable business, you can check out the New Work Revolution video course here.  It's designed to make you unreasonable and I promise you will love it.


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