Episode 163: Creating A Leadership Culture of Support

culture of support
Quick question.  Would you rather work in a environment where there is grace or an environment that beats the shit out of you when you make a mistake? I prefer grace.  In a work environment it’s easy to create a culture that’s hardlined and results oriented and completely misses the heart piece of culture.  This is typically learned from leadership and trickles down from the team.  It could also be a function of a passive leader that doesn’t work to establish a culture and is passive in their leadership.

Think abouth the best teams that you have ever been a part of.  What made them so good?  I just talked with a leader who shared with me his work on the culture of his business through our coaching together.  What can a culture of support do for your business?  They are having the best year in nine years and they love coming into the office again.

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