December 30

Ep 174- You Are a Salesperson

You are a salesperson

Sales. For a lot of people this is a dirty word. The image of sales conjures up images of cheap suits, comb overs and assholes. It's no wonder why people avoid identifying with sales in their businesses.  It's time for a different paradigm. Show me a business that is reluctant to sell and I will show you a struggling business.  If you own a business or even if you lead a team, you are a salesperson.

Sales is about painting a picture and showing someone what's possible.  You do that when you paint the vision of your company as well as when you offer your product/service to the public. I have talked recently about selling with purpose and building your online marketing presence but none of that matters if you don't have a heart for the sales process in your business.

This week's podcast goes through the sales mindset and what you need to keep in mind as you manage and develop your businesses' sales process.  Check out the podcast by clicking the player above or you can subscribe in iTunes.


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