Most of the time, I like to share articles, books, thoughts, etc that inspire me.  Sometimes, like today, I run across such written nonsense that I feel compelled to share my thoughts on how destructive this really is.

I was reading a semi-recent issue if Inc. magazine, diving into the business finance section that they out together.  I am enjoying the content until I run across this tiny little section that caught my attention:

The article in the magazine said, “Are You Really As Smart As You Think?”.  It played on my vanity so of course I had to read it.  It even caught my attention by stating, “When it comes to personal investing, business owners should resist conventional wisdom (not to mention certain temptations).”

Unfortunately, the article was nothing but conventional wisdom.  Given by the standard conventional sources.

This is also the inspiration for my latest New Work Revolution podcast as I go off on this advice and tell you why you should do the opposite of the advice given.

You can listen to the podcast below or you can subscribe in iTunes.

If you are a business owner, what do you think about this advice?