building your platform

You need a platform that makes it easy to turn your insight into a movement. ~ Seth Godin from the book Linchpin

There’s a new world of work that exists in today’s marketplace. I call it the New Work Revolution. This new world of work starts with understanding and building a platform for yourself that you can work from to create maximum value in the marketplace. What is a platform and is your career built on one that is solid enough?

The reason having a platform is becoming so important is that the work environment is changing. The way we create products in the United States has changed as I am sure it has in other nations with similar economies. Unemployment hovers around 9-10% and the jobs that are being created by the government are not the kinds of jobs that the average American is looking to fill.

With a changing work environment how can we change the way that people see us and the way that we create value for others. It starts with building the right platform for yourself. It doesn’t matter if you work for someone else or if you are a business owner, you need a platform either way.

A work platform consists of your passions, purpose, core values, mission, etc. The main message of your platform is who are you and how do you create value in the marketplace.

Your platform drives everything you do and guides your decision making. The individuals who are creating massive value in the world have established their platforms before they have started spreading their message.  This is a must if you are going to stand firm in your convictions as having a platform means a lot of times that you are taking a stand.  Taking a stand means that many people will not agree with your opinion on the matter.  Standing strong, in this case, means having the ability to understand fully what you are doing and why.

Work has changed.  In his book Linchpin, Seth Godin also says that the days of getting paid well to be told what to do at work are ending.  Positioning yourself with a platform to create value will allow you to navigate this landscape confidently and effectively.

What’s your platform?

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