Building Winning Team


This is the third workshop in this year’s Strategic Business Forum series. Building Winning Team aims to assist business owners in building powerful relationship capital for their business through team building.

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Team building is the life blood of continuing to keep your business fresh and productive. Finding the right team members for your business takes an intentional approach.  Finding the team member is one thing, keep them productive and upbeat is another.

Building Winning Teams will take you top to bottom through the hiring and onboarding process for a new hire.  In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to craft great ads for positions to attract top talent
  • How to interview effectively and what screening mechanisms to use.
  • How to onboard a team member so that you don’t turn an A player into a C player.
  • How to train and develop that person’s career and prepare them for future success.

Building Winning Teams is for people who are building teams and want to create an intentional process for bringing A players into their business.


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