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The Keys to being a great manager are just a few steps away  (Are you ready?) 

Prepare your manager to become the key to more growth for your business and more freedom for you… even if you don't have the time to train them!

For Owners - Figuring out how to prepare your managers and find out the right tools to build their management skills can be a nightmare!  

For Managers - Knowing how to become the best you can be and having the time to do it seems impossible

Employee Management is the number one struggle we discuss with clients.  More headaches come from spinning wheels, being frustrated, micro-managing, and dealing with politics and drama than nearly anything else we discuss. 

What is the cost of all this? Think about it... if you figured the hourly rate of every team member involved in these issues, including you as an owner or manager, what would it be? Most good companies spend over a thousand dollars per month per employee dealing with team issues.  This often scales up with larger teams as complexity increases. 

NOW think about the lost opportunity! It might cost that much to deal with issues BUT you also lose on the increase that a great team can yield. Studies show that this often equates to more than 2x, or even 3x the production of a poorly running, poorly managed team.  Yes, you read that right - you might be losing 50-75% of your potential business?!? 

And this isn't an isolated issue.  One study estimates that poor management leads to more than $360 billion in lost productivity in the US every year.

Also, Nearly half of all employees say they've worked for a bad boss in the past. Every company deals with this. We should know, we've been there - we've even been the bad boss before!

But on a personal level, how much better would life be if you had managers (or were the manager) that lead your people to greatness without constant oversight? What would life be like without the headaches, interruptions, and constant (often petty) issues? Let alone all the extra cash you'd have to figure out what to do with... 

But here's the thing... even if you knew EXACTLY what to do to be the ultimate manager, how do you find the time to figure out a training program or even to sort through all the possible things you could teach? In fact, you might not be that great of a teacher anyway!!! (there, I said it).  

Well, we did the dirty work already - we sorted through all the material, the studies, the experiences (both our own and from our clients and experts), and put the best, most proven teaching together in a succinct delivery system so you don't have to... Merry Christmas, and your welcome. 

Introducing: Master of Management

This online training course gives managers exactly what they need, from concepts to templates and tools,  to up their game. We give special consideration to various types and styles of management - to discover who you are as a manager. It is delivered through 6 modules via our online learning platform that works across all platforms and from anywhere. 

Enroll now to become a great manager! 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

We will set you and/or your manager up with access to begin with the first module on launch day.  Each week, a new module will be released including the related exercises, tools, workbooks, etc. You will be able to comment on any module, respond to any email, and get direct help and support whenever you need it.  Have more than 1 person you'd like to take this training? We have options for you too. 

How to deal with disputes and confrontation with ease.

Confrontation is difficult, negative, and not fun.  We will show you how to do it without the pain and event strengthen the relationships within the team.

How to have a team that holds ITSELF accountable to see results

How would it be to have every team member actively working to acheive big goals, excited and pushing each other without constant micro-management?

The key habits and routines to work on with your team for powerful results

Turn your team into a machine with amazing output. Great ideas go in and great work comes out. 

How to break from poor communication and do it right

Ah, communication... eliminates politics and infighting with these simple rules and tactics. 

So What's Actually In the course? 

Here are the high level modules with much more in each...


Module 1: Introduction to Powerful Management

We will set the tone here in this first module. The goal here is to get clear on what you can and should expect from this course as well as set some personal goals for what you want to get from it. Doing this (and sharing it) will ensure success from the outset.


Module 2: Your Management Philosophy

Let's start with Identifying YOUR personal management philosophy. Being intentional and proactive with developing this foundation will allow for much more effective growth and will preempt many challenges you will face as a manager.


Module 3: Positive Cultures Through Communication

Now we're in for it… this may be the single greatest point of failure for managers. The ability to communicate and open up clear, two-way channels of communication with your team is 90% of the management battle.


Module 4: Creating Accountability

Building an organization of accountability is critical to ever achieving the goals and desires of the team. This can often seem oppressive or as micromanagement but done right and your team will WANT to be held accountable. 


Module 5: Empowering Your Team

Dive into the process and strategies that will empower your team to deliver greater results than the sum of the individual efforts. This is where you see the 2x results!


Module 6: Growth as a Leader

Growth is a difficult thing to lead because growth means change. If you want your team to embrace this concept and lean into it, you must also be willing to do this as a leader.


But wait... (cue infomercial voice) That's not all!! 

Bonus 1
Personal Assessment Call

We will do a personal, 1:1 review with each participant to discuss the results of several personal assessments to help you really get a grip on your own style. We will give a couple key actions that you can put into play immediately and see killer results. 

Bonus 2
The Art of Powerful Coaching Workbook & 1/2 off event ticket

This workbook comes from one of our highest rated workshops that helps you develop the ability to coach your team (a critical skill of powerful managers).  You will also get 50% off one of our LIVE workshops held here in Salt Lake City!

Bonus 3
LIFETIME Access with ALL future Updates & Upgrades

This course will continue to evolve as new techniques and information is developed. There will be version 2, 3, etc. and the price will likely go up with each version.  You have LIFETIME access, no price increases, no additional fees. 

About The Instructor,
Brandon Allen

When I get my first management assignment at age 25, I thought I knew everything there was to know about leadership.  (Mainly because I was 25 and that's what you do at that age.)


What I discovered is that I was unprepared for what was coming my way.  This course takes the 20 years of research and, more importantly, hands-on experience on managing and leading team well. 

I'm not being modest when I tell you I was a management disaster early on in my career.  What I have observed over the last decade is that these tools have made me a better manager and they have drastically improved the lives of the leaders that we coach as well. If I could do it, you can too.  

It's basically THOUSAND$ in coaching, training, and education wrapped into a tight little package. 

There are, of course, alternative options - 

Get an MBA - $60,000 and 2 yrs of life (although I know plenty of MBAs that are still bad managers) OR Hire a 1:1 coach - $12,000+ per year (I like it since we do it, but its out of budget for many). We designed this course to focus on giving you real world, practical understanding of the role of a great manager. No more, no less. We did it in a way that is approachable, affordable, and effective. 

We created a couple options - For the individual (i.e. a single manager) and for multiple managers (i.e. owner + manager(s)). Check these out below.

Individual Manager

designed for one person

  • Lifetime Access
  • Access to ALL modules
  • Art of Powerful Coaching
  • 1:1 Personal Assessment Call
  • For 1 participant manager
Multiple Managers

designed for many from the same company

  • Lifetime Access
  • Access to All modules
  • Art of Powerful Coaching
  • 1:1 Personal Assessment Call (for each participant)
  • Up to 5 participant managers (Need more? lets talk)

Course Enrollments are currently full but enrollment will open soon for the next 100 managers
Make sure to pre-register to get first dibs on access!

We cap enrollment to ensure a quality experience.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

for 30 Days

We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase and really want to help you and your managers become better.  We will work to see 100% satisfaction but ultimately, If you don't find this course worth the price paid, we will refund you 100% of what you paid - no questions asked (feedback welcome of course).  

Frequently Asked Questions

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