Three words you should run from in business.  Done for you.  This is the holy grail of coaching offerings.  “Buy my Super Secret Success Formula that will guarantee x,y and z.” You buy it. It fails.  You buy the next one.  It also fails. Before long, you feel like the Charlie Brown of self-development hoping that this time, you will kick the ball and succeed. Business owners are still looking for that elusive “success formula”.

Fifteen years working in business and coaching business owners for the past six years has taught me that there is not a success formula for business.  Sometimes 1+1=2.  Sometimes= 1+1=0 and sometimes 1+1=1,000.  In business, you will find that some things that you try work great and somethings that work great for other people, work poorly for you.

Since success doesn't come in a box, where does it come from?

Doing The Little Things Right:  Larry Krystkowiak, head coach of the University of Utah men's basketball team says it best when he says “there are no little things“.  To get big results you don't have to take big leaps.  You just have to commit to fundamentals every day.  These fundamentals are things  like communicating your values and vision to your team, training, goal setting, measuring results, etc.  Business owners who learn to do these things well, have a high level of success.

Awareness: Great business owners are aware.  Part of being aware is creating the space for awareness to happen. Struggling business owners are too busy for this sort of thing and then they wonder why they continue to get the same results over and over again.  Doing a morning power hour is important as is creating space to work on your business each and every week.

Courage: When things aren't working, you need the courage to make the necessary changes.  Sometimes, this entails admitting when you are wrong. Other times, it entails the courage to try things that are outside of your comfort zone.  That's where growth happens.  If you aren't growing, you are dying.

Business is a science.  You create assumptions. You test those assumptions and you make adjustments.  I am a big fan of systems but you can be overly reliant on over people's systems for success.  So what's your system for success?  Figure that out and you won't look back.

PS…One of the primary ways that I create value for a business owner or leader is in helping them identify what their success formula looks like.  If you are stuck and don't know what the next step is, let's talk.  Send me a message here