Creating meaning around your moneyIf you are like most business owners, you probably have a revenue goal for this year?  Maybe you even got really crazy with it and set a budget.  Ok maybe that's a little too ambitious.  What are your revenue goals for this year?  Increase by 10%? 20%? Double the size of your business? If you set a goal for increase, my question for you is why did you set the goal you set?  What does the money increase mean to you and your business?

It's not uncommon to feel a little sheepish about business growth or to even want to apologize for setting a growth goal.  You may not want other people to think that you a greedy bastard that smokes hundred dollar bills in your spare time, I get it.

Dollars follow value.  The more value you create for people around you, the more it opens up the possibility for an increase in the money that flows to you.  When your business grows.  Congrats, you created more value for the world.  How often do you think about that?

Money isn't why you do business but it sure does help you keep score on how you are doing with value creation (as well as puts food on the table and pays the bills but I digress).  Next time to you set a growth target, think about the context of what achieving this means.  It means you served your mission at a high level. Got closer to achieving your vision.  Served more of the community that you help.

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