Create the habit of visionWhat keeps alcoholics off booze and drug addicts off drugs?  Would you believe that it's the same thing that allows you to create real change in your organization?  That thing is belief and in a business this starts with your vision and getting clear on it.

I have written several posts on the subject of vision , I have a workshop that I do around vision and talk about it with business owners till I am blue in face.  Why?  Because, when people realize that they are apart of something bigger than themselves, it changes how we act.

The problem is, business owners have a hard time with a setting a direction and sticking to it.  It's too easy to chase the shiny object.

How good are you at communicating your vision and making that part of your business culture?  This week's podcast talks specifically about creating and integrating vision into your culture.  As always, you can click the player below to listen or you can subscribe to the podcast in Itunes.