Join us for a must-attend 2-day business-building event!

We’ll help you fast track your business for long term success.

If you’re a business owner who wants expert help growing, building and strengthening your business in ALL key success areas, AND more freedom, don’t miss this.

Being good at your profession is one thing, running a strong, successful business, that is poised for future growth, is another.

No matter how good you are at what you do, building a profitable business that lasts is not everyone’s expertise. But it absolutely needs to be if you hope to thrive, keep your staff motivated, stay profitable, and outpace your competition. As a business owner, your success and ability to stand out in a crowded market is directly related to the positive experience your company delivers to your customers. In fact, running a business that intentionally creates and delivers an amazing customer experience is the key to a long-term successful business. It’s what differentiates you, attracts a flood of paying customers, and makes them fiercely loyal.

We call this process of deliberately creating your business experience Total Experience Design (TXD).

Leading companies trust in New Work Revolution:

Join us at our 2-day business building workshop: The Business Fast Track 

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in Salt Lake City 

In addition to personal coaching, you will also get these FREE Bonus Sessions!

1) Financial Analysis Call: 

A personal 1:1 review of your business finances with our CFO coach.

2) Profit Potential Index Call: 

A personal 1:1 call & assessment to identify your true profit potential

And that’s what you’ll learn at this exciting 2-day, expert-led business-building, growing, streamlining and strengthening event. From finances to team building to marketing, you’ll beef up and maximize your efforts in every key area for greater payoff. 

You’ll learn how to intentionally create an amazing experience for your customers and stand out as the leader in your specific market. You’ll walk away with a winning game plan that is hard for many business owners to develop on their own. 

New Work Revolution is a business coaching and consulting group. We are experts at helping companies create rich environments for self discovery, knowledge, profitability more freedom, and long term growth. 

Our 2-day event is designed to give you personal help for your unique business and situation. We are known across the country for our ability to help guide a business to greater production by improving key success areas. We will do this AT the event. 

In fact, many of our most successful clients started right here at this same event! Held at our New Work Revolution Headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah ... When you spend a couple days with us digging deep into your business ... You’ll develop and walk away with a highly-actionable game plan for success now, and set the foundation for a more enriched life and future growth. 

This workshop is loaded with expert-driven value, and is designed to deliver everything you need to focus on— even if it’s the only interaction you ever have with us.

** However, we have VERY limited seating at this exclusive, invite-only event.  

So reply now to secure your spot.

As a result of your new business-operating skills, you’ll have more productivity, bigger profits, and a business your customers love and recommend to others. 

You’ll also see the beneficial impact this has on everyone in your business. Including more engagement and productivity from your staff, and improving the lives of their families because of their happiness at work. 

This event is filled with hard, personalized deliverables. When you attend, we’ll start right away by examining the foundation of your business, the part that your customers don’t see, but can certainly tell when it’s not done right. The better you prepare, organize and manage your business, the more value you create for your end users.

Then we’ll help you get your “house” in order before moving on. We’ll do this by examining the roots of your business, your core principles, processes and systems.

You’ll be able to set big picture goals that stretch your business and set priorities. You’ll learn how to think about your business in a different way than you have before.

And we’ll cover ALL the key elements of running your company. Including...

Finance ... We’ll examine the financial management of your company.

  • You’ll answer key questions about your financials, your process and what you do with this information. This will help you clean up your books and fine tune your accounting tools.
  • We’ll work with you to create a financial plan so you can manage your finances with predictability and transparency. We will review P&L, Balance sheet and Statement of Cash Flows, and provide input on improving your reporting.
  • You’ll also create a specific time and space for reviewing your financials on an ongoing basis.

Strategic planning... How to create a clear vision, and then carry it out.

  • We’ll help you set 3-5 quarterly and annual objectives you would like to accomplish. In the end, you’ll have a business that has current systems, clear communication and specific direction to help you achieve your big picture vision.
  • We’ll help you create purposeful and productive retreats. • You’ll learn the importance of good, company-wide communication, and how to implement it.
  • We’ll run through all the major systems of your business so they align for current and future growth.
  • Project Planning: With our help, you’ll create a system for managing and tracking projects so they’re done correctly and on time.

Winning teams... Build teams that support you and your success and growth goals.

  • Learn how to grow and develop staff into better versions of themselves.
  • We’ll work with you to ensure that roles are clear and implemented, and that you have a plan for coaching, training and developing your team members.
  • We’ll review your hiring process, and look for areas where more consistency can be created.
  • You’ll learn how to create empowered team members who are engaged in their work, and inspired by your mission.
  • You’ll work through a hiring process audit to ensure your process is working.
  • Learn how and when to do training with your team.
  • You’ll learn our process for handling confrontation in a helpful way.
high performing team of employees
high performing team of employees

Marketing and selling... What to do ... When to do it ... And how.

  • Create a marketing plan that everyone understands. Includes crafting the message, and finding your ideal customer.
  • We’ll help you uncover the message, channels and frequency for attracting the type of customer you want.
  • You’ll leave the event with a nearly-completed marketing plan. 
  • Once your plan is in place, we’ll talk about the support and execution of your plan.
  • We will help you link your marketing directly to your customer experience.
  • You’ll determine what the best content is for your customers and your business.
  • We’ll evaluate your sales process and where it can be improved.
  • We will examine your retention strategies, and how you can improve this process.
  • We’ll look at your website and how well it works as a profit center. Does it convey your message? Is the call to action clear?

Apply Now ... Whether your business is exploding, or struggling, or somewhere in the middle — this event has a lot to offer you as a business owner or operator.

This is just the start! You’ll get all this, and so much more over your 2 days with us.

By the time you’re done, you’ll have a new set of ongoing success habits and processes to help you create leverage in your business. And you’ll learn how to work on the right things and the right time. This event will set the stage for growth and ensure that your business is structured properly and ready to grow. You should attend if...

  • You have a solid business, but you’re unsure of how to achieve more growth.
  • Your business is not performing or operating well.
  • You lack the specific business skills you need to guide all key parts of your business.
  • You want expert help in key areas, and to get feedback from your peers who attend.
  • You want more freedom as a business owner

This high-level event includes proven coaching and tools that you can use immediately. You will learn a lot, but we will help you distill it down into the essentials that will support your next growth step. 

And one of the biggest changes you’ll make after this event is in creating freedom for you as a business owner, as well as company growth.

Because we offer each attendee so much personal hands-on time and coaching, we intentionally limit attendance. So it will fill up fast. Past events indicate that once this invite hits, it will likely fill up within 48 hours. And then you will be put on a wait list for the next event. 

Running a business puts a lot at stake... Income for you, and your employees, capital, which may be in the form of debt or loans ... and your time. So getting it to run correctly, and make a profit, takes specific expertise and knowledge. 

And we have it. 

If you feel like your business is lacking in certain areas, and it’s hurting your overall performance, then let us help you get up and running perfectly in all key areas.

Our team of business experts is ready to help with business strategy, knowledge and wisdom. You can have full confidence in our ability to transform and fine-tune your business in just 2 days. Because we have already done this hundreds of times for companies of all kinds, shapes and sizes. 

Apply now online. It will only take a few minutes. Then we will you call to confirm your seats. 

Come alone, or bring your key leaders, or your entire team. Everyone will benefit individually, as will your company as a whole. This kind of intensive, specific, action-oriented and all-encompassing coaching and help is hard to come by. It’s a one-stop, business-improving event! 

So I urge you to take advantage of it while you have the chance.

Remember, with so many thousands of businesses receiving this invitation, it will fill up very fast. And you don’t want to miss this. Take a minute now to apply.

Brandon Allen

// CEO & Coach

Join The HUNDREDS Of Happy Business Owners!

Michael Hon  //  Business Owner

We must be intentional with our direction...

As a result of attending the workshop I discovered that in our business we must be more intentional with our direction and not just evolve. I specifically liked the features on self-control and starting with a purpose. It was a great team building experience since I attended with another co-worker and the owner. It was very real and practical with open discussions. 

David perry  //  Business Owner

Best part of the testimonials goes here...

After I attended the workshop, I discovered that in my business, there is a need for intentional time and space scheduling. I liked the small group setting and how the relevant information was simply presented. I now have inspiration to do the things I know I need to do. Time away from work allows better perspective.

Janine Olsen  //  Business Owner

Jennifer Ward

Its hard to take time away, but worth it!

It’s hard to take time away from my business to go to a workshop. After attending I discovered that my business needs me to embrace structure. To bring back my long lost organized self and harness the energy I have with my amazing team to take it to the next level. I liked all of the workshop but really enjoyed the feature on financials. I feel more inspired and got good one-on-one time with a member of my team. I recommend others attend a workshop. Great presentation of the information and the small group format allows it to be highly engaging.

Jennifer ward  //  Business Owner

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Brandon Allen

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