Find the direction you want to take your purpose.Last week I had the opportunity to be interviewed by financial coach Chris Miles on his monthly client call.

The topic was, what do you do with your Soul Purpose once you have an idea on what it is that you can do to create value in the world.

Chris is a unique financial coach in that he focuses on an individuals ability to create value in the world which then leads them to the ability to create more wealth.

On our call last week, I gave four points that I feel are critical to getting started:

1. Self Understanding–  Knowing what your skills are and how you can match those skills up with problems that need to be solved or value that needs to be created.

2. Build a Rep–  Are you getting out and letting the world know who you are and what you are exceptional at?

3. Understanding Your End Game–  Where do you want to go?  It doesn’t have to be perfect but do you have an idea?

4. Create Products and Services- Once you have the above things in place and while you have been doing the above things, hopefully you discovered ways to create products and services for your following.

You can listen to the rest of the call below.  As always, let me know what platform building questions I can answer for you.