Your Business Is A Show

Your business is a show.

If your business was a broadway play that had to be performed every day, how would that change the way you ran your business.  If you think about your business is a show.

When your customers come in they are expecting great things to happen. That means you have to be on point, your systems need to be effortless and your team needs to be prepared.

What does work on the business mean?  It means preparing for the show.  Imagine a basketball team that didn’t practice and juts showed up for games.  No plays. No communication. No strategy. You can’t imagine it because it doesn’t happen.

This type of things happens frequently with businesses.  No time for planning.  No time for training. No time for anything but “the work”.  These business owners struggle to grow and typically burn out.

Are you taking time to prepare?  This is what this week’s podcast is all about.  If you are wondering what working on the business looks like and how to take it to the next level, check out the free video course here.

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