Ep 213- The Key to Creating Powerful Solutions with Your Team

Confrontation and handling confrontation is one of the hardest things to get right, not only at work but in life in general.  Because of the awkwardness of confrontation, we tend to not create positive outcomes from our conversations and tend to allow certain answers for solutions to issues that don’t create true change. If you want empowered, high performing teams there is a key to creating powerful solutions with your team.

How often have you confronted an employee where they told you they would:

  • Try harder
  • Do better
  • Work on it
  • Say they don’t know
  • Say it’s someone else’s fault.

None of these solutions create real change and typically end up with you confronting the issue again in the near future. This week’s podcast is about how to address these issues and create, efficient, powerful conversations for moving forward with your team when issues come up.

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