Ep 189- Tough Conversations at Work (Part 1)

Having tough conversations at work

Having tough conversations is one the most difficult things to do as a leader.  Who wants to make people feel bad or worse, what if they quit as a result?  In light of a recent confrontation prep sheet that I put together for a client, I thought it would be a good idea to walk through a process that you can use in your business.  Presenting….having tough conversations at work part one.

When it comes to confrontation it’s easy to create false assumptions that dissuade you from actually having the tough conversation. You always assume the worst despite how frustrated you may be with the person you need to confront.  Before you know it, you have become the gutless leader that tolerates less than desirable behavior at work.

At the base of tough conversations is the right attitude to ensure these conversations are powerful.  This week’s podcast is all about how to start this conversation to make sure that confrontation starts on the right foot.  Check out the episode by clicking the player and if you aren’t subscribed to the podcast, you can check it out on iTunes or Stitcher.

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