70 Amazing Brain Facts by Tim BrownsonWhen I talk with clients about philosophy issues, such as mindset, limiting beliefs, their purpose, etc,  I encounter a fair amount of resistance during the process.  Most will tell you that they don’t need the fluffy stuff, they want the meat.  The truth is, you can have all the right strategies and tactics and never execute on success because one thing gets in your way.  Your brain.

This week on my show, I interview Tim Brownson from the blog A Daring Adventure.  He just wrote a book called 70 Amazing Brain Facts…And Why It Does Weird Things.  Tim is a true value creator and has great stuff so it made sense to interview him for his new project.

You can check out his new book for free and with no opt-in for the next 7 days by clicking this link.



The interview shares specific ways that your brain plays tricks on you and also talks about some ways that you can overcome some of these issues.

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