Critical areas to building a solid businessIf you have ever spent time and thought about how you create value in your business and make money, you probably come to the simple conclusion that the way you make money is through the actual work that you do.  In the initial stages of a business, this is exactly right.  You go out and get customer and then you deliver your product/service to that customer.  If you are a service based business and you want to expand your value creation abilities, then you will need to go even further than that.

Whether you are a doctor or a mechanic, at some point you are going to come to the realization that you can only serve so many customers in a day.  Everyone agrees that there is a limitation of time that we are faced with as service based business owners.

Service based business owners who take their business to the next level, and by next level I mean more profit, more freedom and less of the technical work that you were trained to do, recognize that there are certain activities that they should be doing to create additional value for their business.

These four activities are:



Relationship Building


In this week's podcast, I talk to you about what those specific activities look like in your business and how they create true and lasting wealth in your business.