Creating In Solitude vs. In A Group

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Everyone has a different style when it comes to generating ideas and creating.  Developing new ideas and creating new possibilities is a driving force behind today’s economy.   Knowing that creating and leveraging ideas is important, what keeps us from doing it?

The biggest obstacle for creating starts with our mindset.  How often do you hear; “I’m not good at that.” or “I never have any good ideas.”  The truth is that we have lots of good ideas, we just don’t have a process for filtering those ideas.

This brings me to what process we should use for innovating and creating in the marketplace.  There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about what works best.  For every article you hear on the power of brainstorming, you see another article on why brainstorming doesn’t work.

An important aspect of creation is obviously people.  We know that we, as individuals, need to be involved in the process of creating/innovating but when do we get other people involved in our creation process?

Creating in solitude definitely has it’s value.  Zen Habits recently called solitude the #1 habit of highly creative people.   I talk a lot in this blog about having a morning ritual that focuses in mind, body and spirit.  This is a great time for quiet and to create.

Working in a communal setting was listed by Zen Habits as the #2 habit of highly creative people.  Working in a group is where I think you take an idea that you have put together and bounce it off the right people to really refine the idea.  I know I have had many instances where I have come together with my team and we end of with something even more incredible than when it was first conceived.

Use both a solo and team approach to creation and innovating.  A challenge that we face is creating the time and space in our lives for solitude.  This is why I suggest doing this type of an activity first thing in the morning to limit the distractions. Then use your work from your solo time and bring your best ideas to a group or to people that you enjoy collaborating with.

There are going to be some disciplines where it makes more sense to work solo vs. working in a group.  Other times the opposite is true.

Innovating and creating is about people and the best innovators make time to create in their own space and also know when to get together and refine their ideas with people they trust.

What’s your creation process?

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